Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Coming Storm - Sep 24

It seems to me that things are definitely building to some sort of finale, an end of time if you will. Just can't shake that feeling. Actually, it's a lot more than just some 'feeling', it's a sure thing because Jesus said that there would be a time on earth like no other that unless it was shortened, no flesh would be saved. It is not as far away as one thinks.

In Homer, Alaska, a volcano that's been inactive for over a thousand years is starting to erupt. This is most unusual as once volcanos become dormant, it is rare that they start up again.

On the beginning of Ramadan, I'm hearing strange stories of Osama Bin Laden reportedly dying in Pakistan of typhoid fever. There are two points that I'd like to make here. Firstly, even if true it changes nothing. This is not about one man, it's about an ideology that will not rest until it wins or is defeated. Second, there seems to be little internet chatter over this on both the anti-jihad and the pro-jihad side of things, likely indicating a false story.

In Kismayo, Somalia, the Islamic guerillas are solidifying their hold on power as they make their final push towards Somalia's only port in the south of the country.

Some surprising anti-dhimmitude from the EU as European Commision President Jose Manuel Barraso voices his disappointment that the EU failed to defend the Pope's right to free speech.

In Bangladesh, over a 100 are dead over recent flooding.

Not only is there news about Islam and bad weather in the MidWest, I have a rare business report about there being tonnes of bad loans out there. So much so that Wall Street is letting the banks know its displeasure. The main culprit is bad mortgage loans. That is how the Depression started when the banks had a lot of non-performing loans on their books.

For Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch, a surefire way to cripple the jihad against the West is to discontinue the foreign aid to Muslim countries, aka the 'jizya' tax. Hard to disagree with him, I'd say.

I did a post on this before about why I thought Islam was sure to fail. The reason? Islam always eats its own. Think about it. Most of the victims of jihad are Muslims, not Jews or Christians. False religion ALWAYS eats its young. False religion is ALWAYS inherently self-destructive. From James Jay Carafano of Fox News comes an op-ed piece on The Real Islamic Threat.

Two Canadian soldiers have tied the knot at the Ottawa International Airport's chapel. And no, Elvis was not to be seen anywhere! Aaaawww!

I'll close this post with a pdf file on a Pew Survey what will the internet look like in 2020? As Roman roads paved the way for Jesus to come in His First Advent, the internet will pave the way for His Second Advent. I believe His coming is that close.

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