Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Yahoo and Google Buttons - Sep 23

The Bible says that God created the earth and all the things in it in six days and rested on the seventh. Well here I am seven months later and I'm still adding things to my blog. If your homepage is Yahoo or Google, you can now get this very blog syndicated on your homepage. Once I figured out what the hell they meant by 'site feed URL', I was able to figure out how to properly add the buttons. No doubt I will still be adding to this blog in the future and I will try to keep you abreast of all the changes that will occur.

If there's one valuable life lesson that I've learned in all this is self-reliance. Simple fact is, you're on your own when trying to figure out something new. Oh, there's lots of help pages out there, but really, nobody's going to swoop in like some White Knight and fix it all up for you. It just isn't going to happen. What you can do for yourself is solely your responsibility. God Himself wouldn't want it any other way.

If you haven't noticed already, a new hockey season is upon us. I like the joke about there being two seasons in Canada, hockey season and construction. Here we have a picture gallery from the CBC of all the newcomers that have been added to the Canadian teams. As well, we have an interesting story out of Winnipeg about two twin girls who have won the legal right to try out for a boy's hockey team. Is this a clear-cut case of human rights or is it political correctness running amok? I think it reeks of PC myself but then again I am an unapologetic knuckle-dragging cave-dwelling male.

Let's Go Benny, Let's Go! Dep't: Hey, did you know some enterprising individual has created a Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club web page? However, it appears Pope Benny isn't winning hearts and minds in Pakistan as mobs there are calling for him to be crucified. Literally. Yikes! I also found a very cool and funny post by a female blogger who just thinks that Benny is the best.

From the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot File comes a horror story out of West Yorkshire, England about a 16 year-old female who has had her throat slashed and has since died of her mortal wound. In Iraq, a suicide bomber has attacked a kerosene tanker, killing mostly women and children who were lining up for fuel for Ramadan. A bunch of sickos these Muslim scumbags are. Hence the reason I have zero time or patience for any of them. Disclaimer: The X-Def is not responsible for the contents of external sites. If you don't like it then shove off.

Bill O'Reilly gives us another winner as he talks about rampant partisanship (especially, but not exclusively, from the Loony Left) in the U.S.. The problem does not stop at the border folks, we here in Canada have a very similar siege mentality.

Speaking of siege mentalities, the Iranians and the Russians are co-operating at the highest levels as they anticipate some sort of American/Israeli attack against Iran's nuke facilities.

Reaping and Sowing Dep't: In Indonesia, Sulawesi Christians are rioting, in protest against those three Christians who were recently executed. Let's face it, if you're a non-Muslim charged with a crime in a Muslim land, you are royally screwed. A non-Muslim's life and his or her innocence means nothing when Sharia law rules supreme. Human rights and fair trials do not exist in Islam. Ever.

To finish this post, I have a good link here that's really good clean fun. Find out how evil you are or whether you are left-brained or right-brained and other quizzes. A good time-waster on a wet weekend.

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