Sunday, September 17, 2006

Don't Call Us Violent Or We'll Kill You! - Sep 17

So seems to be the logic of 'Bennygate' nowadays. The Bible says that there is light and darkness, truth and error, life and death and that we are to choose the light, the truth and life. This clash that we are seeing today between Pope Benedict XVI and those Islamic thugs who wish to enslave us would've happened anyways. Even without the 9/11 attacks or the Pope's comments, this is a war that was inevitable.

While Da Pope tries to placate things, Arab newspapers are frothing at the mouth, calling for submission. Sad but entirely predictable. And why are Muslims so defensive anyways? Is their reflexive call for jihad a learned response to cover up their (very) long list of sins?

In Somalia, the very brave mujahadeen have killed an unarmed Italian nun at a children's hospital while the requisite death threats against Pope Benny have been issued.

The jihad against the people of the Book continues unabated as an Iraqi Christian is killed and rockets continue to fall in Sderot, Israel as children return to school.

In Havana, Cuba your typical 'Blame America' hate-fest was attended by none other than uncle Kofi. Such freedom-loving democratic stalwarts as North Korea, Venezuela, Algeria, Malaysia, Peru, Columbia and the host Cubans are part of the Non-Aligned Nations that oppose Russian and American influence.

Oriana Fallaci (1930-2006) has died. This Italian woman was tireless in opposing the Islamization of Europe. Daniel Pipes pays tribute in this moving column.

No post at the X-Def would be complete without some Canadian content. Two items as residents of northwestern Ontario are being allowed to return to their homes and classes have resumed at Dawson College, Montreal, the site of that horrific shooting. Talk about bittersweet!

Here's a quick X-Def update to close this post. Please note that I have made two changes that you will see on the sidebar on your right. I've included Prophecy News Watch under my recommended links and the blog The Religion of Peace under the Know Thine Enemy sub-title. Please take advantage of these excellent sites. You will find them very informative!

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