Monday, September 11, 2006

The Path of Least Resistance - Sep 11

... is always downhill, so said my pastor last Sunday. So anyways, it's the fifth anniversary of the infamous 9/11 attacks and I got nothing here but 9/11 stuff. Like I said, I don't really think out too much on what a post will be like on any given day, its just that some posts have a habit of writing themselves. So what has changed since that fateful day? There are some pluses to be sure, including:

1) The death of al-Zarqawi
2) The arrests of many key al-Qaida operatives, like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
3) No more of Saddam's rule in Iraq
4) A greater sense of awareness in some of us about Islam's true violent nature.

However, I tend to believe that the picture as a whole is not a pretty one to say the least:

1) Our airports and infrastructure is still vulnerable, not to mention our food and water supply.
2) A Canadian mission in Afghanistan that is becoming deadlier and less popular as time goes on.
3) No 'Great Awakening' yet! Too many joyfully oblivious to the real threat that Islam poses to the West. Indeed, it appears that PC is throttling any real debate over this.
4) A complete lack of spiritual understanding of our enemy. "Know yourself and know thine enemy and you need not fear the result of a thousand battles", said Sun Tzu in the Art of War. Sadly, we are oh for two as we abandon our Judeo-Christian roots and fail to grasp the religiousity of our enemies.

Nevertheless, I am reassured. God wins. He said so and He cannot lie or fail.

Let me be clear on this. Despite the brief ceasefire that we see going on in Lebanon today, Israel's enemies have not given up in trying to destroy her.

From the Beeb comes two picture galleries of the 9/11 anniversary and a very strange one out of Iran as they have a big festival celebrating as what they see as the soon return of the 'Twelveth Imam'. For those in the dark, the Islamic al-Mahdi is our Biblical Anti-Christ.

It should also come as no surprise that in the U.K., up to half are not optimistic saying that the gov't is losing it's war on terror. I personally believe that any effort to win this thing must be soaked in prayer and supplication to our Lord. Materialism and military might alone will not defeat a determined enemy such as al-Qaida.

According to my main man Daniel Pipes, this war has had a profound effect on the conservative camp but has affected the moonbat (oops, I mean liberal) camp very little.

From MEMRI comes a real treat. It is giving you a film on the Arab and Iranian reaction to the 9/11 attacks (I had some problems with this - JC). Or if you want you can click on the html version or the pdf version here instead. Please do not attempt to download the pdf file if you do not have a high-speed connection or an Adobe Acrobat reader.

A Pox On All Their Houses Dep't:

So according to the Raving Loonies, who is ultimately responsible for 9/11? For the Anti-Christ Legion of Unbelievers (aka the ACLU) it's gotta be all those Christians who have not seen the bright secular atheism of the Left.

If you think I'm being unduly harsh, check out this article from Ralph Peters of the NY Post.

The snobbish Europeans have once again reverted to form, blaming America for all the trouble that this world is in today. I guess all those mosques popping up all over the place shows in plain sight where Eurabia is headed. My buddy Dizzy Fat Plonka (see sidebar) is proving to be like a salmon swimming upstream as it concerns the Islamization of Europe.

Did you know that the Liberal Party of Canada has a bit of an ethical problem? I knew that ten years ago under Da Boss, Jean Chretien.

And lastly:

Oh Kevin McCullough you rascal! Surely you are a prince amongst us mere mortals!

One of my best posts so far. Hope you enjoyed it!

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