Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The UN, Free Speech and a Cartoon - Sep 20

I don't have a big post here today nor do have any kind of Leno-esque monologue to lead you in. Not my biggest or best post but hopefully still a useful and informative one.

Our PM Stephen Harper is moving around in high society as he gives an address to the Economic Club of New York. No self-respecting socialist would be caught dead there I reckon.

From one extreme to the next, that kidder President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela calls Bush 'the devil' at the UN in NYC. Did agree with him on one thing, saying that the UN is not working. How he thinks it should work is another question entirely.

Here's Daniel Pipes take on Pope Benedict's statements about Islam. Mr. Pipes suggests that no religion, including Islam, should be above criticism. Try telling that to the people of perpetual outrage that Islam is not above criticism and watch 'em go.

Some Israel news that I'm keeping an eye on:

This story intrigued me the most. Apparently, Kurds in northern Iraq are now receiving military training from the Israelis of all people. Keep in mind that Kurds are in fact Muslims and you have the makings of a very strange alliance.

One of the unintended consequences of the recent Israeli-Hezbollah conflict was the Syrian claim over Golan Heights. The Syrians are reporting to be losing patience with Israel over this issue.

Keep in mind that the Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashanah will be celebrated by Jews all over the world this weekend. Here's a gag flash cartoon from JerusalemOnline that's sure to tickle the funny bone as well.

That's all you're getting today! Hopefully there'll be better stuff tomorrow.

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