Saturday, September 30, 2006

Islam Around The World - Sep 30

I promise I'm going to do a better job than the previous post. It seems that a certain RoP is making it's mark around the world. Without further ado, here's what I managed to slap together.

In Afghanistan, Private Josh Klukie (Royal Canadian Regiment) has paid the ultimate price. Speaking of Afghanistan, a homicide bomber has struck in its capital Kabul, killing 12.

Let me ask you a question: Are suicide bombers faithfully following the Qu'ran or distorting it? No, these misunderstanders of Islam know fully well what they are doing. They are, in fact, following Islam to the letter. It strikes me as crazy to think that OBL does not fully understand his own religion.

Hooray for Harper! OK, so I admit I'm totally partisan here but our PM has stood up for Israel, saying in a resolution of French-speaking countries that Israel has suffered as well as the Lebanese. Now I know that the Lebanese bore the brunt of the recent Israeli-Hezbollah war, but to pass a resolution that totally ignores the human cost on the Israeli side is insane.

It appears Frenchman Robert Redeker is seeing first-hand the ugly intolerance of false religion as he goes into hiding after an unflattering op-ed on Islam. Michelle Malkin gives us the forbidden editorials that few are willing to report on the MSM.

Intimidation is occuring in Brussels as well (the seat of the EU) as riots are happening in the streets. Just in time for Ramadan, a month which is particularly bloody for Islam.

Man, it's getting really ugly out there. In Newport (SE Wales), some dolt has left a pig's head outside of Jamia mosque. Not good. Not good at all.

Other news from Somalia, Iran, Pakistan and the Gaza Strip:

1) In Somalia, militias are moving to form a unified Islamic army. The Talibanization of Africa's Horn continues.

2) Read this heartbreaking account of Iranian women trying to assert their rights. Good luck to them. Within Islam these women have no chance. Remove Islam and the women in the ME have a decent chance.

3) Pervez Musharraf was in Canada recently and was even on Jon Stewart's Daily Show. What few people are aware of is how flawed an ally on the WOT Pakistan is. India is also accusing Pakistan's ISI of masterminding the Mumbai bombings in July.

4) Small Minority of Extremists Update: In the Gaza Strip, thousands rally against Israel. It seems that many aren't being paid on time. Oh well, whatever!

It seems to me that in order to prove your 'street cred' on the Middle East, you have to blame Israel for everything. Anti-Semitism, once the rallying cry of Adolf Hitler and his henchmen, is now in vogue in Western universities and acadamia. A very troubling development from the University of Chicago. (Sigh) Man has learned nothing from history.

As I hate ending any post on a negative note, here is a cool picture gallery from the CBC of sports happenings around the world.

Well, I did my best. Hope you like it!

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